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Our Dental Care Policy

Brooklyn Dentist Expert Care!

In order to provide the highest quality of dental care and not raise our fees, we have been advised to change the manner in which we process insurance claims. Payment will be required at the time of service for that day's treatment, and your insurance claims will be submitted electronically to ensure rapid reimbursement directly to you.

For all of our patients with or without insurance, payment must be paid in full by the completion of treatment. We hope you understand the necessity to make these changes, and look forward to continuing our great relationship. We have spent years building your trust, and we stand by our reputation of being the best dental practice in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn's Best Dentist Office

We established our Brooklyn dental practice with a dedication to quality and care. We work hard every day to restore and enhance the natural beauty of our patients' smiles. Our work results in beautiful, long-lasting, healthy teeth!

Our high quality, personalized dental service allows us to give our patients the quality care they deserve. Our Brooklyn dentists provide comprehensive consultations and aftercare, and we make every effort to achieve your optimal dental health.

Regular, daily at-home cleaning keeps plaque and tartar under control. Your trip to our Brooklyn dentists is the first step in keeping your teeth and gums strong and healthy. After your cosmetic dentistry treatment has been completed, we'll recommend regular cleaning appointments where we'll check pocket depths to make sure your gums are still healthy. We'll also polish your veneers to ensure that your smile stays its brightest!

Should a dental emergency occur, our Brooklyn dentists strive to provide service as soon as possible. We make every effort to care for you quickly and safely. You can trust that our professional dentists will be here to care for your crowns any time you need.